Weight Loss with the Quantum Infinity - 4 Classes Plus 14 Custom Libraries!

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Weight Loss with the Genius Insight App or Quantum Infinity Biofeedback! 

 See Balancing Strategies in action! 

This webinar series can be downloaded immediately! 

 Incredible, cutting edge nutritional information that you can use immediately. Learn the real information you need to know about supplementation, how to get the best nutrition, how much you really need, food sources for the very best nourishment and much more. 


Webinar 1 - What causes weight gain? 

What is really causing weight gain today? Effects of sugars, carbohydrates and glycemic factor. Obesogens in the world today. Hormones and influence on weight. Effect of muscle mass on weight. Effects of stress on weight gain. Electromagnetic frequencies and the effect on the thyroid. Adrenal, thyroid and hormone connection to weight gain. Pineal gland, growth hormone and importance of proper sleep. 

Webinar 2 - What promotes weight loss?

Benefit of grain free diets. Potential of oil free diets and when to use them. When to do green juicing, when to do the master cleanse. What exercise is best? How much of it should a person do? How necessary is exercise for weight loss? Detoxification programs for weight loss. Liver and gallbladder connection to weight loss. 

Webinar 3 - Creating Strategy Sessions and Weight Loss Programs with the Quantum Infinity. Special customized panels. How to use them in cases along with other panels on the Quantum Infinity. 

Webinar 4 - Specific Food Plans, Juicing, Raw Foods, AutoImmune Paleo for Weight Loss, Case Reviews.

 Join the fun! Become profoundly effective in frequency healing with this dynamic, cutting edge information! Join a community of people healing at this very advanced and revolutionary level!

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Creating weight loss programs with the Quantum Infinity.

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