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Get set up for success with the Practitioner Upgraded Plus package. This package is great for those who want strategies and protocols for using the Genius as well as perspective on starting a business! Make a career as a biofeedback practitioner and help and uplift lives around you!

It includes the 27 testing panels in the Genius. It also included 200 Natural Health Testing Panels to expand your use of the Genius greatly! If you want to test in the area of adrenals, thyroid, methylation, blood pressure, blood sugar, addiction, methylation, gut microbiome and more check out this list of the panels here! It also includes a complete training bundle, with book and video program that was not included in the Starter Package! It comes with 3 hours of support time with one of our trainers! It also includes the Young Living Oils set of all panels and supplements, a $300 value AND our Vessel Harmonizing Program, to open up the healthy flow of the body and reduce stagnation. To be set up for success with over 200 Natural Health Testing Panels to choose from for an incredible value, choose Genius Upgraded. You receive over $400 in bonuses and save $2000 on additional panels, training and education. This is a total savings of nearly $3000 on this package! 

This package also includes our Practitioner Training Program! Receive a certificate after successfully completing the 8 classes in this series! 

This package includes extra libraries including:

-Past Life Trauma Clearing

-Assemblage Point Harmonizing

-Animal Companion Program

- Dermatomal Virus Clearing

- Pekana Drainage Remedies

- Premier Research Products

- Living Tree Orchid Essences. 

Test the following in seconds:

Vitamins Minerals Amino Acids
Body Systems Emotions Solfeggio Tones
Chemical sensitivities Bach Flower Essences Chakra Balancing
Digestion Neurotransmitters Aura Balancing
Electrical sensitivities Brain Anatomy Nogier frequencies
Esssential Oils Hormones Meridians
Sacred Geometry Sensitivities Herbs


The goal of the Genius is to raise your level of awareness. You can instantly know the essence of your being! Get a clear view of your energetic state at any time. All of this can go on any tablet or smartphone of your choice. The Genius is easy to use and it is simple to get started. For in-depth training, check out our training bundle package here. 

 Want the Golden Ticket for 14 Days of Genius Free Access? Be sure to get your access here! 






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Your Genius goes right on your phone or tablet!

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