Natural Healer Success Package - Quantum Genius Software

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Natural Healer's Succes Package:



Genius Insight App with all future upgrades - $997

100 Customized Panels for Health Assessment - $999

How does it work? From the developers of the Genius Insight App!

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We all knew it was only a matter of time before Quantum Medicine found it's way into the iPhone, iPad & Android mobile devices 

Imagine a small hand held device that can analyze your wellness and then "tone" your body with energetic signatures & frequencies using your mobile device? 

Analyze: The Genius Insight analyzes the human body based upon their unique voice imprint.

Balance: The Genius Insight balances the body using audible sound tones and electromagnetic frequencies.

Compare: The Genius Insight compares the success of the balancing session against the optimal and provides you with a percentage success of the therapy.























Natural Healer Success Package - Quantum Genius Software

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