Memonizer for IPads, Tablets and Computer Monitors

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Memonizer FOR IPADS

Neutralizes negative information from electromagnetic fields. You can make telephone calls that are free from pathogenic information, i.e. illness-causing, subtle information. Available for all smart phones.

Often copied, never succeeded - The reliable protection system against telephone and mobile phone (wireless) radiation. Only 1 cent per dayThink about it !!


Time and again, the media reports on the dangers of the microwave radiation emitted by mobile phones. Mobile phones are being blamed for a weakened immune system and diseases. The erecting of new base stations is opposed by citizen initiatives, some quite adamantly. Mobile phone radiation affects us to a far greater extent than was imaginable a few years ago. Mobile phone radiation affects us to a far greater extent than was imaginable a few years ago. In a conversation, mobile phones are pressed directly to the ear. This proximity places sensitive parts of the body, such as the eye and the brain, right next to the antenna – just where the radiation is strongest. A SAR value is often specified for mobile phones. The higher the SAR value, the more the tissue is heated by the radiation. The upper threshold recommended by the World Health Organization is 2.0 W/kg.


Our bodies are also affected, however, by effects that are not linked to this warming. Athermal effects are biological effects of weak electromagnetic fields that are so low that they spur no increase in body temperature. Research into the effects of radio waves examines such effects. Changes in metabolism and the brainwaves, for example, are discussed as possible athermal effects.

Only 2 cents per day.

This can be used in any mobile phones/wireless/cordless phones. This is designed to match any Smart phone devices. Get the matching color for your favorite Smart phones. A- 24/7 continuous protection from the harmful effects which is resulted from SAR (Cell phone radiation) for under 2 cents per day in the next twenty years of its lifespan. The technology used is called "Information Polarization Interference Chip Technology" (ipict®). Also, check out our "BUNDLE" deals as well for a great saving.



Memonizer for IPads, Tablets and Computer Monitors

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