Master Your Health - Level 2

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This package includes the following levels:

Reducing Stress and Balancing Emotions - 1
- Includes Anxiety, Depression and PTSD Panels 
Methylation and Genomics 2
- Includes lab testing panels blood count, chemistry panel, cholesterol panel, methylation panel. 
Discover Your Inner Microbiome 
Reduce inflammation, balance your hormones, improve your mood all by nourishing the gut microbiome.
Healing Addictions with Biofeedback - 4
- Includes 8 Panels for healing aspects of additions, including Neurotransmitters and Turnkey Addictions program for clients.
Weight Loss with the Quantum Infinity - 5 
-What is really causing weight gain today? Effects of sugars, carbohydrates and glycemic factor. Obesogens in the world today. Hormones and influence on weight. Effect of muscle mass on weight. Effects of stress on weight gain. Electromagnetic frequencies and the effect on the thyroid. Adrenal, thyroid and hormone connection to weight gain. Pineal gland, growth hormone and importance of proper sleep. 
Balance Hormones with the Quantum Infinity - 6 
Includes hormonal basics, menopausal issues, polycystic ovarian syndrome, uterine fibroids, ovarian cysts, men's hormones/libido/sexual health and more. 
Anti-aging for Skin and Preventing Skin Cancer - 7
-Anti-aging, Vitamin D, preventing skin cancer and dealing with skin conditions. 
Respiratory Conditions and Working with the Breath - 8
- Understand conditions of the respiratory system, the anatomy of the respiratory system and special breathing techniques to build the health of your lungs. 
Master Your Health - Level 2

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