Mafactive Zeolite Toothpaste

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Organic coconut oil and zeolite toothpaste with added glycoproteins.  Instructions for use: Use a pea sized amount.  This contains no preservatives so use a clean spatula or implement to remove from pot.  Use within 6 weeks of opening.  This is a natural product with no chemicals to keep it looking nice, so if it separates, warm slightly and stir.  Do not swallow, the zeolite is intended to absorb toxins.

The protein is low concentration, approximately 15ng per use, and this may help to promote a healthy looking smile by encouraging the immune cells in the mouth which may, in turn, give healthy gums and fresher breath.  

Contains approximately 45ml

Virgin organic coconut oil - may help with antibacterial and remineralizing properties

Bicarbonate of soda - for a powerful clean
Zeolite - can attach to, and remove, toxins
Calcium carbonate - for plaque removal
Organic peppermint essence - for a fresher breath
Glycoprotein - may help encourage immunity and healthy looking gums

Mafactive Zeolite Toothpaste

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