Level 6: Biological Dentistry

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Learn Cutting Edge Natural Medicine Techniques combined with the Quantum Infinity!


Level 6 Certification:

Biological Dentistry

Recorded Webinar Series with Frequencies Exported to you! 

Beginning: Tuesday, March 17th at 5pm Pacific

(Monday, March 16th at 10am Pacific for optional day section)

and each week after that at same/day time for a total of 4 sessions.


Incredible, cutting edge nutritional information that you can use immediately. Learn the real information you need to know about supplementation, how to get the best nutrition, how much you really need, food sources for the very best nourishment and much more. 

Level 6 Certification: Biological Dentistry 
Webinar 1 - Testing teeth, root canals, infections, natural remedies for teeth.
Webinar 2 - Biological dentistry and the meridian and organ connection in your teeth. 
Webinar 3 - Clearing Interference Fields. Every injury, head trauma, C-section or a cut in the body creates an interference field. These cause sedation to various organs in the body, including the thyroid, the heart and the digestive system. The cause of many chronic issues, including joint pain, autoimmunity, fibromyalgia and more may be due to interference fields. Learn to clear these easily with special clay applications.
Webinar 4 - Electromagnetic frequencies. How cell phones, Smart Meters, cordless phones, wireless internet and more may affect your health and what to do about it. 
Includes cases at the end of every webinar! 
UK and European friends. Your section begins: Tuesday, May 6th at 6pm UK local time.

 Join the fun! Become profoundly effective in frequency healing with this dynamic, cutting edge information! Join a community of people healing at this very advanced and revolutionary level!

Want to see a sample of a previous webinar given by Dr. Ariel Policano? Click here 
Shown are parts of the brain. Are they out of balance? Learn about how the brain works so you can interpret the meaning of these imbalances! Several places that are out of balance can be interpreted as a pattern! Then, we discuss balancing strategies to assist with brining your brain to an optimal state.

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