Level 2: Test Yourself, Gain Your Health: Genomics and more.

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Test Yourself, Gain Your Health: Genomics and more!

 See Balancing Strategies in action! 

Begins: Monday, February 9th at 5 pm Pacific (7pm Central, 8 pm Eastern) and 3 subsequent Mondays. 

Do you prefer mornings, or are you in Europe? We have addded a second section that begins February 10th at 10 am Pacifc, 12pm Central, 1 PM Eastern and 6pm GMT!


Incredible, cutting edge nutritional information that you can use immediately. Learn the real information you need to know about supplementation, how to get the best nutrition, how much you really need, food sources for the very best nourishment and much more. 


Webinar 1 - What is nutritional genomics? What do your genes tell you about your ability to absorb certain nutrition. Do you need more Vitamin B12 than others? Or Vitamin D? Do you need a different form of folate, called L-Methyl folate for good health.

Webinar 2 - Methylation and Detoxification. Understanding methylation could be the difference between health and chronic illness.

Webinar 3 - Optimal Lab Values. How to review your own labwork and use it to gain optimal wellness. 

Webinar 4 - Specialty Lab Tests that can change your life. Gain a deeper understanding of how to test your gut for bacteria and your body for heavy metals. Learn what naturopathic doctors and chiropractors know; that certain tests can reveal the true root cause of issues and open the door for powerful change.

 Join the fun! Become profoundly effective in frequency healing with this dynamic, cutting edge information! Join a community of people healing at this very advanced and revolutionary level!

 Want to see a sample of a previous webinar given by Dr. Ariel Policano? Click here 

Shown are parts of the brain. Are they out of balance? Learn about how the brain works so you can interpret the meaning of these imbalances! Several places that are out of balance can be interpreted as a pattern! Then, we discuss balancing strategies to assist with brining your brain to an optimal state.

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