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January Starter Special


Get started on your journey with biofeedback with the Genius but get BASIC TRAINING. The Genius is an important investment. Get Dr. Ariel Policano's video training series (easy, short videos to learn the program in an afternoon! Plus Ariel has given you her best information in her Mastery Guide - a book that defines every item in the 27 main testing panels of the Genius. Truly, this information is too important to be without! The TRAINING BUNDLE is an absolute MUST HAVE in order to get up and running quickly and with the greatest level of success. 

The Starter Plus includes the complete Mastery Training Bundle!

YES, the Genius is an incredible tool that has literally over hundreds of functions! In the palm of your hand you hold great biofeedback and healing power. But, how do you get started? How do you set up a session? What's a Nogier, anyway? Learn every panel and every item in the program in just hours with the Mastery Training Bundle.

All recorded and written by Dr. Ariel Policano, this is a crucial investment in order to learn the Genius and to be up and running quickly! 

Get started with the Genius with complete success through our online quick 5-15 minute videos that go through EVERY aspect of the program. You also get a spiral bound and E-Book copy of the Mastery Guide. EVERY panel and result is easily explained in the Mastery Guide. These two resources are an absolute must have to be up and running on the Genius in an afternoon. Includes a 30-minute free orientation with a Genius trainer! 

Test the following in seconds:

Vitamins Minerals Amino Acids
Body Systems Emotions Solfeggio Tones
Chemical sensitivities Bach Flower Essences Chakra Balancing
Digestion Neurotransmitters Aura Balancing
Electrical sensitivities Brain Anatomy Nogier frequencies
Esssential Oils Hormones Meridians
Sacred Geometry Sensitivities Herbs


 Learn more about all the aspects of the Genius Insight with this FREE guide! <-- Learn about biofeedback and what the Genius can do for you! 



Your Genius goes right on your phone or tablet!

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