Heart Health Webinar Series (Level 8)

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Learn Cutting Edge Natural Medicine combined with the Quantum Infinity!


Level 8 Certification:

Heart Health and the Truth About Blood Pressure! 


Incredible, cutting edge nutritional information that you can use immediately. Learn the real information you need to know about supplementation, how to get the best nutrition, how much you really need, food sources for the very best nourishment and much more. 



Join the fun! Become profoundly effective in frequency healing with this dynamic, cutting edge information! Join a community of people healing at this very advanced and revolutionary level!

 Cardiovascular Disease, Part 1: The truth about cholesterol. How heart disease REALLY happens.Does cholesterol cause heart disease? What diet has been proven to prevent heart disease? What are calcifications? How does plaque really form? How is sugar related to heart health? Are statin drugs safe? What are the frequency strategies for heart health?

Cardiovascular Disease, Part 2: The truth about high blood pressure. Emotional and metaphysical connections to heart disease.
Blood pressure medications and Alzheimer’s. How BP medications make the problem worse. The REAL proven natural ways to lower blood pressure. Important emotional relationships to heart disease. Herbal remedies that treat physical and energetic hear.
Heavy Metal Exposure and Toxicity. The body clears heavy metals. Dangers of heavy metals. Mercury and its effects on the body. Organs most affected by metals. How heavy metals affect the brain. Other metals including aluminum, cadmium, lead and more. How to cleanse heavy metals from the body. Chelation – benefits and risks.
Pesticide and solvent exposures. Sources of exposures. What are the sources of other toxic exposures? Solvents and how to clear them from the body. Pesticides – their presence in organic and non organic food. Risks in the home – toxins. Risks in the air and water. Risks specific to children. 

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Shown are parts of the brain. Are they out of balance? Learn about how the brain works so you can interpret the meaning of these imbalances! Several places that are out of balance can be interpreted as a pattern! Then, we discuss balancing strategies to assist with brining your brain to an optimal state.

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