Heal the Gut Microbiome

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Though we have a trillion cells in our body, there is one thing that outnumbers this incredible number. It is the amount of gut microbes we have! We seem to exist in order to feed them. When you properly support your gut flora (the gut microbiome), they in turn help us to produce the proper hormones, neurotransmitters and much more. Our gut microbes contributes to our robust immune system.

How we feed out gut bugs and care for them is of the utmost importance. Even one round of antiobiotics can affect us in such a profound way that we need 6 months or more of good probiotic regeneration!


This series includes:


Microbiome 1 - Healthy Gut Bacteria - These are the bacteria that are ideal for the gut. Includes bifidobaterium, acidophilus, firmacuties, proteobacteria and more.

Microbiome 2  Less favorable bacteria - These are the bacteria that would be good to "crowd out" by supplementing the better bacteria!

Microbiome 3 Replenishment - These are the very best probiotics out there! Test the ones that are right for you! 

Heal your gut bacteria and improve your mood and your energy level!

Product Reviews

Written by Penny trevithick on 7th Feb 2019

Heal the Gut Microbiome

I love this program --we all need to have a healthy gut and this really helps get it in balance

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