Genius Trainings

 Dr. Ariel Policano is one of the leading trainers for the Genius. She has also created a video training program for the Genius. That program is available here and has 15 short videos that will allow you to learn the Genius in an afternoon! 

Get the Genius Video Training Program  here! This is by far the very fastest way to get started successfully with the program. Each video focuses on 1 or 2 areas to give you the best comprehension in the fastest amount of time. 

Our weekly training covers the basics of the program and goes through a sample session as well as highlighting some of the features on the Genius. 

If you would like to sign up for free Genius training available on Monday, 9am Pacific (12pm Eastern), use the link here. This training is one hour and is free! Check out past trainings below!



Here are the some of our past training classes!

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