Genius Platinum PLUS

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The Ultimate Genius Package for Success. 

The Gold Package includes a video training package by Dr. Ariel Policano (15 videos), 200 Custom Frequency Panels for natural health testing, Genius Mastery Training Program, and 3 hours of support time with a certified trainer.  

Included in Genius Success Package:

- Genius Insight Full License with all updates. 

- 200 Frequency panels in areas of Natural Health to expand your Genius.

- Electronic version of the Mastery Guide (the ultimate manual for your Genius!) 

- Spiral Bound booklet version of the Mastery Guide mailed to you! 

- Full Video Training Package to understand your Genius.  

- Genius Practitioner Training with Certificate! 

- 3 hours suppor time

- Mitochondrial Rejuvenation Program

- Vessel Harmonizing Program

- Interstitium Structure Program 








The Quantum Genius is one of the most exciting biofeedback apps around. Completely portable, you will find yourself using this exciting program day in and day out, for yourself, for friends and for family.


Here are some examples of what you can do:

  • Balance emotions for stress reduction.
  • Scan yourself daily for vitamin and mineral needs.
  • Test for food allergies.
  • Do an acupuncture tune-up with the meridians program.
  • Test for the best essential oils for your day. 
  • Do a home chiropractic session to open spinal energy.
  • Rejuvenate hormones by harmonizing.




With Progressive Insights, all of your selected frequencies are prioritized! They automatically are generated with the highest frequencies running for the longer time and those that are not as needed running for less time. This is the true intelligence of the Genius!

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