Genius Insight Quantum Biofeedback Software

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Genius Insight Quantum Biofeedback Software
This is our Basic Starter Package for the powerful biofeedback software
Are you ready to change your life with frequency? This is the most powerful program on the planet today. We want you to start strong with the following bonuses:
Includes Genius Insight Software with all updates - this is full access to the Basic Version of the Genius Software! There are no additional monthly charges for our continued updates and improvements of the Genius. (If you purchase a monthly subscription, this means you do not own the Genius. In this case, there is a monthly usage charge that continues every 30 days). 
What is included in the Basic Package? 
27 Testing libraries are included in your Basic Package. You can 100% test in these areas as well as utilize the other features including the Entangled Insights, Synergistics, Neuro Remedy and much more. 
What is NOT included in the Basic Package? 
There are no additional testing libraries in the areas of Natural Health, such as Thyroid, Methylation, Microbiome and more. For those, please continue to the Gold or Platinum package. These additional libraries are crucial to expand your testing capabilities into these areas.
The full video training package is NOT included. It is an additional $197 for the Mastery Training Program Videos and the Mastery Guide (a written reference guide). You can purchase them separately here or they are included in the Gold  and Platinum  package. 
What are the testing libraries that are included? 
Body Testing Categories:
Today's Stress
Amino Acids
Body Systems
Spinal Energies
Infective Energetic Disturbance
Essential Oils 
Mind Testing Categories:
Brain EEG
Bach Flower Essences
Brain Anatomy
Biofield Testing Categories:
Sacred Geometry
Spiritual Protection
Solfeggio Tones
You get access to 15 videos covering every feature in the Genius Insight Program! Make good use of your time and get the very best out of your software!

Product Reviews

Written by Karen Suter Allsman on 6th Dec 2017

Insight Genius Basic package

I already love using this device and I am surprised at how much info it can give me. Its so far not that difficult to learn but as I might add on another pack or two I hope I dont get lost in all the programs on it. I love that its portable and can be used on others too.

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