Genius Insight Mastery Training - Video Training and E Version of Guide

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Genius Insight Mastery Video Training and Mastery Guide (E Version)

Get exclusive access to this mastery program and balance with confidence! 

Here are the topics covered in short 5-15 minute videos and written guide

to make learning quick and easy! 


Included in this bundle - Evergreen (forever) access the the Video Training and instant download of the E-Version of the Mastery Guide!

System Overview - Start your testing here. The three testing areas are Biofield, Mind and Body.


Quick Zap Tray and Main Hold Tray - Two trays for balancing. One on the top of your screen, the other one is on the bottom. Learn how they are different and when to use each tray. 


Neuro Remedy - Turn your voice or any sound recording into a powerful balancing frequency! Create a script and read your powerful information and receive it back as an awesome signal for creating transformation and healing. 


General overview - Would you like to test every remedy in the Genius Insight at one time to peek at the items of the very highest priority. Now you can! The General overview helps you to see the what issues need attention first. 


Recipe for success - In the beginning, working with the Genius can feel overwhelming. Here is a way to simplify the process. Use “recipes” or plan on just using 3 frequency categories in a single session. (Video coming soon).


Extra Modules on your Navigation Bar includes Synergistics, Response Assessment and Dynamic Mirroring Phase (DMP). 


Synergistics - What remedy is the most biocompatible for you? 


Response assessment - What is the impact of a remedy or frequency likely to be? 


Dynamic Mirroring Phase - With the DMP function, you can alternate balancing in two different areas (like emotions in one tray and meridians in the other). Truly dynamic results when you balance this way!


Entangled Insights - Compare one frequency to another or to several in a related group. You can even compare one frequency to everything in the entire EI database with the ALL function. Powerful! 


Wave intensity and Soliton vs Harmonic. Learn what Soliton and Harmonic waves are and when to use them.


Wave form selection. Should you use sine, square or sawtooth. Find out the best way to deal with infections or blockages by using the right wave form! 


Custom Libraries: Adding a custom library to a client.


Custom Libraries: Using the Frequency program options.


See this link for the CAFL's: Listing of Rife Frequencies 


Functional Zones - functional zones help you to drill down information in a fascinating way. The results also help you to balance significantly faster. 


And Much more! All aspects of the program are described in the Video Mastery Program. 




You get access to 15 videos covering every feature in the Genius Insight Program! Make good use of your time and get the very best out of your software!

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