Genius Biofeedback Practitioner Training - LEVEL 1

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Biofeedback Practitioner Training 
Your passion can become your career
The class includes 8 sessions for being successful in biofeedback and understanding exactly how to talk about your profession. Set achievable expectations and experience happy clients that refer you lots and lots of business. You also get a personal one hour consultation with Dr. Policano for your questions about the class. 
Are you interested in making anywhere from $2,000-$10,000 per month in a biofeedback practice? Biofeedback practitioners charge between $45-$200 per session.
This class is completely recorded and all recordings are available for instant download. There are client forms and specific strategies and protocols included. Are you ready to really make a career out of your passion? After completion, a Biofeedback Certificate will be sent to you, so that you can show your clients your competency in the field of biofeedback. 
Class 1 - Introduction to Philosophy of Biofeedback. Learn the fundamentals of the Genius Insight. Includes setting goals and preparing for your business. 
Class 2 - Food Allergy Protocol - A protocol that can build your business is Food Allergy Testing. This is one of the most relatable services for clients. You could build a business that specializes in food testing. Digestion is the key to true healing and harmonizing food allergies will help to clear the digestion. 
Class 3 - Business Skills, Brand Development and Case Analysis - Creating your brand, building your website and developing a social media presence. 
Class 4 - Success Practices, Recognizing Patterns and Meridians - Practices that magnetize and draw abundance to you. How to read the patterns in your cases and begin to learn from them. In this class, we cover the meridians and how to use them for the most impact. 
Class 5 - Harmonizing Cancer with Biofeedback - Part 1 - What is cancer? What do we need to know about the health of the liver, the digestive system and the immune system in relation to cancer? What level of hopefulness should we bring into our cases? We also discuss important energetic strategies, including focusing on the p43 tumor suppressor gene and more. 
Class 6 - Harmonizing Cancer with Biofeedback - Part 2 - What can we do to assist people with specific strategies and protocols? Understand the combinations of frequencies and testing panels that can bring you the most successful out comes. 
Class 7 - Healing Addictions with Biofeedback  - Addictions may be seen as a request from the brain to find balance. We explore energetic testing of neurotransmitters, left and right brain balance, vitamin deficiencies, amino acids, the nature of addiction and much more. 
Class 8 - Balancing the Brain with the Brain Protocol - Learn how to create a content magnet to promote your business, how to think about and create passive income. We cover the very powerful Brain Protocol, which can be helpful for autism, autism spectral disorders or for anyone with past trauma which has affected the brain. This includes children, teens and adults. 
All classes are recorded as webinars with Dr. Ariel Policano, including lectures, all materials and the videos from the program. 
Learn the strategies and protocols that will make you the most successful in your biofeedback practice. 
You get access to 15 videos covering every feature in the Genius Insight Program! Make good use of your time and get the very best out of your software!

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