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Genius Summit Special
Genius Software AND Practitioner Training
Our most popular program NOW for Summit Attendees! 
Our most popular program NOW for Summit Attendees! 
Are you ready to change your life with frequency? This is the most powerful program on the planet today. We want you to start strong with the following bonuses:
Includes Genius Insight Software with all updates - this is full access to the Genius Software!
And...6 Bonuses with a retail value of over $777! MUST PURCHASE BY MIDNIGHT NOVEMBER 18TH 2017 *** SUMMIT SPECIAL
BONUS 2: Young Living Oils Testing Library - A $299 value with over 200 Young Living Products
BONUS 3: Nerve Tonifying Program - $47 Value - Clear and balance the nervous system - Comes with healing guide 
BONUS 4: Living Tree Orchid Flower Essence Testing Library  - $97 Value -Emotional clearing with orchid essences
BONUS 5: Water Harmonizer - The harmonizer runs fractal images that will structure water. Place a water bottle close to your tablet or phone. Observing the fractal images is also very powerful!
BONUS 6: Rife App - This program runs over 500 various pre-programmed Rife frequencies. Use the search bar at the top to find the condition you are interested in. The top right box contains the time in seconds, which you can increase or decrease by typing the desired number of seconds in the box. 60 seconds per frequency may be sufficient. 
BONUS 7: Quanta Capsule - The Quanta Capsule allows you to send frequencies to yourself on another device, or better yet, to a client or to a friend. It only contains a way to receive frequencies that you select for the person and then send to them via a code. It's quite cool and you might want to forward that download to the friend or client you want to use it. We talk about this more in the practitioner program. 
AND...Practitioner training - turn your passion into a successful business! 
Are you ready to turn your passion for biofeedback into a money-making successful business? This is the class that will show you how! 
The class includes 8 practical sessions for being super successful in biofeedback and understanding exactly how to talk about your profession. Set achievable expectations and experience happy clients that refer you lots and lots of business! You also get 3 personal coaching sessions with Dr. Policano so that when you leave the class, you feel ready to start your biofeedback practice with confidence and success. 
Are you interested in making anywhere from $2,000-$10,000 per month in a biofeedback practice? Biofeedback practitioners charge between $45-$200 per session. The best strategy is to sell a series of sessions so that both you and your client have made a commitment toward their healing! This is a great financial success strategy for your practice and for better outcomes. 
Want to chat or get your questions answered? Call Dr. Ariel Policano at 866-276-7788 or email at
Class 1 - Creating a Success Plan for your Biofeedback Practice 
-Begin with Success in Mind and get ready to create the most powerful vision plan for your success as a biofeedback practitioner! 
-What is biofeedback? 
-How to talk about what biofeedback does and what it does not.
-What to expect from a biofeedback session and what not to expect from one. 
-Understanding what the Genius is really doing when testing and when harmonizing. 
-How to be a practitioner.
-Ethics in dealing with clients; how to conduct yourself as a practitioner
-Case presentation with a class participant
Class 2 - Getting Your Basic Skills Sharpened
-Learn how to start a session, how long to run frequencies for and how often to do sessions each week for your clients! 
-How to set up a session
-How many sessions to do with a person
-How long a session takes
-How to create a series of sessions
-Paperwork and getting intake forms done
-Creating your business brand and how you will sell/market yourself
Class 3 - Advanced Strategies - Healing DNA and much more
-Basic functions of the Genius and how to use them
-Strategies for beginning a session, for how to test, how long to run the harmonizing frequencies and how to get the best results. 
-The most productive balancing protocols and why they work.
- Strategies for placing items in the Main Hold Tray and balancing in Progressive Insights. 
Class 4 - Successful Outcomes - Best Balancing Protocols
-What it means to be a practitioner including the ethics of your practice.
- Tools you need to set up a practice
-What to charge
-Session strategies
-Explaining expectations for results
-Creating an introductory presentation
Class 5 - Basic Case Solving - Digestion, Adrenals, Hormones
-How to set up a sole proprietorship/bank account
-How to set up books like the program Quickbooks
-How to collect money including options such as Square and Paypal
-How to get a Square, Paypal merchant account etc
-Creating intake forms and how to make them work best for you
Class 6 - Marketing Skills
-What a funnel is and how to keep it full! 
-Marketing and Selling Biofeedback
-Setting up a website
-Giving presentations 
-FB, Facebook live, YouTube,  and Instagram
Class 7 - What is your niche? 
-What is your area of passion? 
-Who do you most want to work with? 
-Niched practices in a particular area of interest are the most successful
-Why Stress Reduction may be a strategic niche and way to market
-Practice sessions and case examples
-How to use the Quanta Capsule 
Class 8 - Ultimate Success Skills for Effortless Abundance
-Business Planning skills
-Case presentations
-How to make money effortlessly with biofeedback


You get access to 15 videos covering every feature in the Genius Insight Program! Make good use of your time and get the very best out of your software!

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