Flower Essence on Meridian Point

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Flower Essence On Meridian Point 

This powerful testing panel is based on the book Floral Acupuncture by Deborah Crayden and Warren Bellows. 
The Bach Flower Essences were originally collected from the dew of various flowers. These subtle energetic meanings were then interpreted by Dr. Bach. His fascinating and insightful understanding of the struggle of human beings is seen is his recorded meaning of the effects of the essences. Using the essences means that a door is being opened energetically in order to heal emotional wounds.
As a practitioner of biofeedback, I have found these Flower Essences to be a crucial part of any session. They assist in telling the story for that person and also assist them in opening and releasing the blocked emotional energy. I recommend that every practitioner test the Bach Flower Essences and then include them in their Progressive Insights "drill down" and include the 3 highest priority essences. 
Now, we have a powerful added dimension to this process. This series of panels combines the Bach Flower Essence with the related acupuncture point. The effect of the Flower Essence appears amplified through this process. The meridian points are embodiments of physical, mental, emotional and spiritual energy. This is a profound release and addresses the root cause of the issue at hand for the client in a multidimensional way. 
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Flower Essences help to describe the emotional state of your client. Flower Essence on Meridian Point is the doorway to bring them out of the emotional wound and into resolution. This can have profound impact on the mental, emotional and spiritual and could even shift the physical energies! Get powerful results as you understand your client at the root cause of their issue.

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Written by Edna Massi on 11th Feb 2019

Flower Essence on Meridian Point Rocks!

Ariel, All the libraries are wonderful! I like Oils on Point and suggest the related emotion be added for ease of use ...

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