Creativity and Miracles: Innovative Strategies for the Quantum Infinity

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Bonus Session
The power of the Quantum Infinity is greatly enhanced by a combination of cognitive knowledge about health, your intuition and your creativity. This session will assist you in thinking about frequency and healing in a more creative and innovative way that you have thought about it before. These are new and experimental concepts. It is up to you to take them in the direction you wish. 
Here are some examples. If you want to clear an infection, but do not know the name of the bacteria you can name the frequency, "mystery bacteria" or "unknown bacteria" and reach it this way energetically. 
Are you concerned about the combination of infections, chemtrails and toxins we are being exposed to? You can use a frequency such as, "2014 Immune Support Frequency" or "2014 Necessary Immune Boost". It is the way you phrase your hololinguistic input that can cause it to embody these all-encompassing energies. It asks for all that is needed given this set of circumstances. 
You can also test run reverse homeopathic frequencies of your own energy using your imprinter. By placing a finger on the imprinter and importing your own personal frequency, you can then run it in reverse as your perfect "homeopathic frequency". You can do the same with saliva placed in a small cup. You can also imprint frequencies in water and receive a potent medicine by drinking the water. 
Join us for this cutting-edge session that will change forever how you work with your clients!
Vitamins Panel. With this panel, you can get clarity about the most pronounced needs for nutrition. In the course, we explore ways to balance this with energy, or with nutrition or with food. There are important things to know about live source nutrition and the various sources of different forms of vitamins. We also explore shocking information showing the difference between the RDA vs. true need for human wellness! Exciting stuff!

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