Create a Successful Quantum Biofeedback Practice!

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Create a Successful Quantum Feedback Practice! 

Are you interested in taking your passion for biofeedback out into a practice? Learn to work with clients successfully in this 4 part webinar series (pre-recorded and available for download). 
Learn how to explain your work with the Quantum Infinity to your prospective clients. Learn goal setting and how to think about creating a practice. 
Discover strategies that will help you to be more successful with cases. 
Know how where to start in a case globally and how to hone your focus as to get to the root cause. 
This course includes forms for you to use in your practice! 
 Learn how to present your clients with a WELLNESS PLAN! 
Join the fun! Become profoundly effective in frequency healing with this dynamic, cutting edge information! Join a community of people healing at this very advanced and revolutionary level!

 Want to see a sample of a previous webinar given by Dr. Ariel Policano? Click here 

Shown are parts of the brain. Are they out of balance? Learn about how the brain works so you can interpret the meaning of these imbalances! Several places that are out of balance can be interpreted as a pattern! Then, we discuss balancing strategies to assist with brining your brain to an optimal state.

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