Biofeedback Success System Training - RENO, NV

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Powerfully Transform Your Life with Biofeedback 


Date of training: September 15th-16th

Investment in training BEFORE 8/15: $397 ($597 after 8/25)

Location: Reno, NV

Quantum Biofeedback is an incredible tool for personal transformation or to assist others in making changes on an energetic level. Learn to test chakras, meridians, spinal energy, adrenal energetics and more in seconds. Then, give the energy that person needs in order to make their changes instantly! Frequencies match what they need at that moment. 

Learn LIVE with Dr. Ariel Policano all the basics of the Genius Insight on our first day of training. Then, enjoy practical training on how to use the Genius for specific areas of harmonizing. Leave the class with new confidence and skills you can apply immediately for friends, family and clients (if you are a practitioner). Meet a community of like-minded people on the cutting edge of technology! Get ready for a fun weekend with information you can begin to use on Monday morning!

Training will be at:
The Shot Spot
615 Sierra Rose Dr suite 4
Reno, NV 89511
Sept 14th - 5pm-7pm
Sept 15th - 9am-5pm
Sept 16th - 9am-4pm
Where to stay: Peppermill Hotel
2707 S Virginia St, Reno, NV 89502

What is covered in this class:

Expect to get the basic understanding of the Genius Biofeedback System. Learn what biofeedback is and how it works and how to do a biofeedback session from beginning to end. Get hands-on experience with your class. In the 2nd day we will learn to work with specific cases in the areas of Digestion, Hormonal Balance and Thyroid Health. 
Complete Mastery Guide (Spiral bound, hard copy).
Flash drive with all powerpoints and documents.
Break-out session with hands-on experience. 
How to talk about biofeedback and attract clients like a magnet!
How to create a 6 figure income with the Genius.
How to create remedies with distilled water, essential oils and herbal tinctures. 
We will do hands-on sessions and share our results and observations. 
Join the Biofeedback Revolution!

Product Reviews

Written by Robert Scheele on 14th Feb 2018


I'm impressed with how much new information I picked up given how long I have been doing biofeedback. The pace was great. Also, the community of users at the class was fantastic. Thank you!

Written by Lisa Klinker on 14th Feb 2018


This live training covered everything clearly and made it really possible for me to understand the potential with this program. Every thing is well laid out in class and in the manual we received; Dr. Ariel did an excellent job teaching.

Written by Susan Hutchins on 14th Feb 2018

In person made the difference for me

I am not the best learner online. I had the Genius but did not totally get all the ways to use it. This training made everything clear and had very practical applications for making the Genius much more successful in my practice.

Written by Sophie Guez on 14th Feb 2018

Genius Intensive Training

This training is amazing. I have been a biofeedback practitioner for several years, but the training helped me to gain some new tips and protocols. Highly recommend!

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