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Your Body Knows What To Eat!

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Your intuition is the most intelligent part of you and your guiding force in life.
Your Body Knows What to Eat
Tapping Into Innate Intelligence for personalized nutrition! 
Have you been struggling to figure out the best foods for you to eat? Do you worry that you might be having too many carbs or too little? Do you wildly vacillate back and forth in your food plan based on the latest Mercola article or Facebook post? Does worry about the toxins in food, allergens, eating correctly etc. cause you to not enjoy the food you eat, and even to enjoy life less than you could?
Get ready for an awesome solution!
I have studied food plans for almost 2 decades, including raw vegan, anti-inflammatory, gluten-free, paleo, GAPS, ketogenic, starch-based vegan and many more. I have observed that foods that all these plans CAN work and in fact DO work for certain segments of the population at different times! 
When we see these popular programs, we need to understand that often these plans ARE working for a portion of folks. At the same time, I see that there will be a group of people that will simply NOT thrive on the recommended plan or may thrive on it for a short time and then need to change to something else! 
We don’t really benefit from rejecting every plan. Nor do we truly benefit by accepting one particular plan as a religion that we feel locked into by principle, while all the while our bodies cry out for certain foods that we may actually need at that time! 
Tradition tells us that food plans change with the seasons of the year, but also with the seasons of our lives. A higher sugar or carbohydrate plan may work for a 20-something but not for a 50-something. A high fruit diet might work well in August but very badly in January for people in the Northern latitudes. 
In this class, you will be able to:
- Reconnect with your body and your intuition, the most important centering and guiding force you have for this life. 
- Develop a personal food plan that works for you and even changes over time. 
- Discover the crucial principles that you will then use along with your own intuition to create a nurturing, delicious and empowered plan. 
- Be free of judgment or potentially harmful deprivation of needed foods for your optimal health. 
- Learn how to evaluate if your plan is working for you. 
Here is how it works:
- Understand the core principles.
- Activate your intuition through these exercises.
- In the class you will sharpen your intuitive eating skills while we cover the important GENERAL cognitive points about nutrition, but using them as a guiding force rather than an oppressive dogma. 
- Learn to evaluate your food plan and change it as necessary! Flexibility is key! 
- Taking your cognitive skills and marrying the with your intuitive skills! 
The Basics of good eating - here is what we know:
- How you eat food is as important as what you eat - sacred ritual for eating food, and special practices for clearing and transforming food. 
- Rotation, rotation, rotation - the greater the variety, the greater the health. 
- Fresh food contains the most chi. Using freshly picked foods and freshly cooked foods, you raise your level of value you are getting from your meals. 
- Why animal-free plans appear healthier, but what you can do if this does not feel 100% right for you today. What we know about meat consumption: can small amounts act as medicine or nourishment in times of deficiency? 
- Optimal ways to cook and prepare food.
- Caring for your micro biome makes all nutrition better. 
- Eat unprocessed - the trick and the challenge that can make all the difference for the best food you can consume and enjoy.
Intuition and knowledge combined:
Making sense of food plans out there today and choosing what really works for you. We will explore these food plans and discuss their merit and weaknesses. Knowledge is power and can help you to formulate your best "hybrid" where you bring these plans together in a way that works for you. 
- Raw vegan - why raw foods can be great and why cooked is sometimes better. 
- Ketogenic and Paleo - Why do low carb diets work so well? What is a moderate carb approach that might be more satisfying and work better? 
- GAPS, SIBO and anti-candida Diet Plans
- Cooked Vegan - low carb, moderate fat plan and low fat, starch plans. 
The core foods that work for many people and have proven healthy in many research studies:
- The famous greens - Kale, Collards
- For healthy breasts and health prostates! Cruciferous vegetables
- Berries and fruits
- Seeds including flax and chia
- Mushrooms
- Microbiome nourishment and fermented foods
- Become free from worrying about your food choices day in and day out. 
- Increase your connection to your intuition, an all-knowing powerful force that can become more for us as we practice connection to it. 
- Feel more love and appreciation for yourself, the food the world has to offer and life itself.
- Feel more confident that you are making good choices. 
- Improve your health by improving and optimizing your nutrition by connecting with your inner all-knowing guidance system. 
Testing Yourself:
- How to use biofeedback tools like the Genius Insight to discover foods your body could really use today and optimize your digestion to best utilizing these foods. 
- How to use biofeedback to raise your awareness for foods that might not work for you today. 
- How to use biofeedback to clear your food, including food that may be contaminated with GMO’s or other toxins. 
When is class?!
Class takes place live with Dr. Ariel Policano for 2 weeks in a row, one day a week. It starts on Wednesday, October 3rd and October 11th at 5pm Pacific (8pm Eastern). Get registration information after checkout!