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The Energy Medicine Course - Level 1

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The Energy Medicine course will cover technologies like Quantum Biofeedback.

Are you interested in the exciting technological breakthroughs and potential of Energy Medicine? Do you feel that this area has something exciting to offer and yet you feel you just cannot grasp an understanding of the field itself? With the Energy Medicine course, we will simplify the complex concepts and make Energy Medicine within your grasp so you can make the most of it!

In 2 exciting classes, we will cover the following:

What is energy medicine? What is frequency? 

What are different wave forms and why do they work? 
What are the most significant hertz frequencies and how can they help you to heal? 
What is the history of Energy Medicine in the U.S. and what did it teach us? 
What is an oscilloscope and how can you assess the tools you currently have? 
We will talk about...
Electrotherapy treatments for cancer   
What cold lasers are and how they work
What PEMF - Pulsed electromagnetic fields are. 
The regulating energies of the body 
The physical field of the body  and how to regulate it
How quantum biofeedback programs work
How Rife machines work and the origin of Rife frequencies
How LED light frequency works
What infrared and near infra red frequencies are and how they work. 
The course is completely recorded and all recordings will be sent 24 hours after the live class. 
Class dates: July 26th at 5pm (8pm Eastern) and August 2nd at 5pm (8pm Eastern).