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Quantum Genius Biofeedback Software PLUS 2ND PERSONAL LICENSE

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Quantum Genius Biofeedback Software PLUS 2ND PERSONAL LICENSE

Get the exciting Quantum Genius App!  Activation keys will be provided after checkout. 


This is for a 2nd personal license ONLY. A license will not be activated if not in your name or the name of an immediate family member. 


Sign up for the trial here! You can get the FULL Genius for 15 days, no credit card required. Special Custom Libraries not included. 






Use our special installment plan below! The Quantum Genius is one of the most exciting biofeedback apps around. Completely portable, you will find yourself using this exciting program day in and day out, for yourself, for friends and for family.


Here are some examples of what you can do:

  • Balance emotions for stress reduction.
  • Scan yourself daily for vitamin and mineral needs.
  • Test for food allergies.
  • Do an acupuncture tune-up with the meridians program.
  • Test for the best essential oils for your day. 
  • Do a home chiropractic session to open spinal energy.
  • Rejuvenate hormones by harmonizing.




Genius Insight License
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4 after 3 months $132.00 USD
Total $997.00 USD
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