Quantum Genius Biofeedback BASIC PACKAGE

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The Quantum Genius is one of the most powerful biofeedback programs on the market today. Begin the process of clearing your the energy field and experience revitalization!

The Genius includes the following testing screens:


Minerals - What minerals are calling to you? 

Amino Acids - What amino acids do you need today? 

Electrical Sensitivities - Are EMF's affecting you? 

Today's Stress - an overall check-in in many areas. 



Spinal Energy

Body Systems

Chemical Sensitivities



Infection Energetic Disturbances




Bach Flower Essence

Brain Anatomy

Brain EEG




Solfeggio Tones

Spiritual Protection



Sacred Geometry


Energetic information is powerful information. Use the Genius to harmonize yourself and your family! It is the ultimate solution for the challenging times in which we live.  





Sign up for the trial here! You can get the FULL Genius for 15 days, no credit card required. Special Custom Libraries not included. 






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Quantum Genius Biofeedback BASIC PACKAGE

Product Reviews

Written by Danielle Ramos Austin, TX on 25th Apr 2017

I am an acupuncturist

I understand chinese medicine and so have been impressed to see the entire meridians and acupuncture points in your program. When I test the results from your program compared to my tongue and pulse assessment, I am finding the same meridians show up for both. That is incredible. I am enjoying using this with my clients. Thanks for a fascinating tool.

Written by Penny Moore, Orlando FL on 25th Apr 2017

Try synergistics

Use it every day for my personal supplement testing. Very cool and I have been able to find the best remedies for each day instead of taking so many supplements every single day.

Written by Lauren on 25th Apr 2017

Better sleep

I was surprised that just balancing the red and blue areas highlighted made a difference for me. My sleep is definitely better. I'm pretty surprised how many different areas you can balance with this software. A+

Written by undefined on 22nd Apr 2017

very positive!

Within 15 days I had got my thyroid and charisma improved significantly. However, alternative medicine knowledge helped me to use it fuller than my friend who is a nurse. While she was concentrating on vitamins and minerals, I was working on chakras, meridians, emotional, solfegio tones, infections, sacred geometry. Generally it can be as big as you are.

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