Biofeedback Mastery Level 2

Gain mastery of the principles of natural health. Then, put them into practical use with biofeedback. Sound exciting? It is. Because this program puts the power of your own health into your hands. This program includes over 100 customized panels for your own testing with the Quantum ILife Infinity System. 

In this series, we go deeper into health issues introduced in Level 1. Though Level 1 is not a prerequisite for Level 2, you may want to start with Level 1 to gain a firm foundation into these health principles. 

Level 1 Stress Reduction:

1 Reducing Stress with the Quantum Infinity

Webinar 1 - Understanding Neurotransmitters. Nutrition and Energetic Balancing with these biochemical messengers. Neurotransmitter Panels. Learn how to improve your dopamine and serotonin. The growth of anti-depressant drugs - use or misuse? 

Webinar 2 - Combining the Quantum Infinity with Relaxation Protocols including Holosync Technology, Emotional Freedom Technique, Common Meditation Practices and more. Stress Reduction Panels.

Webinar 3 - Dealing with Depression and Anxiety. Depression and Anxiety Customized Panels for your Quantum Infinity. 

Webinar 4 - Healing from Trauma. Special PTSD Customized Panels for your Quantum Infinity. 


Level 2: Test Yourself, Gain Your Health: Genomics and more.

Webinar 1 - What is nutritional genomics? What do your genes tell you about your ability to absorb certain nutrition. Do you need more Vitamin B12 than others? Or Vitamin D? Do you need a different form of folate, called L-Methyl folate for good health.

Webinar 2 - Methylation and Detoxification. Understanding methylation could be the difference between health and chronic illness.

Webinar 3 - Optimal Lab Values. How to review your own labwork and use it to gain optimal wellness. 

Webinar 4 - Specialty Lab Tests that can change your life. Gain a deeper understanding of how to test your gut for bacteria and your body for heavy metals. Learn what naturopathic doctors and chiropractors know; that certain tests can reveal the true root cause of issues and open the door for powerful change.

Level 3: Discover your inner gut microbiome

Webinar 1 - What is the human microbiome? How can the wrong bacteria cause weight to stick on like glue. Learn the strains of gut bacteria that make you skinny (Customized Panels included). 

Webinar 2 - Your inner gut bacteria and depression. Improve your mood significantly by getting to the right mix. What are the optimal foods to choose to feed your bacteria? Waht foods should you avoid? (Customized Panels Included) 

Webinar 3 - Reduce inflammation and slow the again process through specific steps to shift the inner milieu. 

Webinar 4 - Specialty testing of the microbiome (you will have a chance to test yourself via a private lab and bring your results to this session!). Learn how to maxmize your immune system with certain strains of inner bacteria! 

Level 4: Weight Loss with the Quantum Infinity 

Webinar 1 - What causes weight gain? 

What is really causing weight gain today? Effects of sugars, carbohydrates and glycemic factor. Obesogens in the world today. Hormones and influence on weight. Effect of muscle mass on weight. Effects of stress on weight gain. Electromagnetic frequencies and the effect on the thyroid. Adrenal, thyroid and hormone connection to weight gain. Pineal gland, growth hormone and importance of proper sleep. 

Webinar 2 - What promotes weight loss?

Benefit of grain free diets. Potential of oil free diets and when to use them. When to do green juicing, when to do the master cleanse. What exercise is best? How much of it should a person do? How necessary is exercise for weight loss? Detoxification programs for weight loss. Liver and gallbladder connection to weight loss. 

Webinar 3 - Creating Strategy Sessions and Weight Loss Programs with the Quantum Infinity. Special customized panels. How to use them in cases along with other panels on the Quantum Infinity. 

Webinar 4 - Specific Food Plans, Juicing, Raw Foods, AutoImmune Paleo for Weight Loss, Case Reviews.

Level 5: Healing Addictions with the Quantum Infinity

Webinar 1 - What is addiction? What are the spiritual reasons the soul chooses addiction? 

Webinar 2 - Brain Chemistry and Addiction - How Dopamine plays a role. 

Webinar 3 - Metaphysical origins of addiction and remedies (past lives, curses, inherited susceptibilities)

Webinar 4 - Addiction Homeopathic Remedies, Spiritual Practices for Healing Addiction


Level 6: Balancing Hormones with the Quantum Infinity


 Webinar 1 - Hormone Basics, Menopause

Webinar 2 - Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome, How to Test Your Hormones

Webinar 3 - Uterine Fibroids and Ovarian Cysts 

Webinar 4 - Men's Hormones, Libido and Health 

Level 7: Anti-Aging for Skin & Preventing Skin Cancer

Webinar 1 - Anti-aging of the skin. 

Webinar 2 - Vitamin D and the skin. 

Webinar 3 - Preventing Skin Cancer.

Webinar 4 - Skin Conditions and how to deal with them! 


 Level 8: Create a Successful Quantum Feedback Practice!

Strategies that will help you to be more successful with cases. 
Categories that help you select the subcategories to test. 
Forms and how to organize your results.
How to give yourself to your clients - forms. 
How to present your clients with a WELLNESS PLAN!