Kidney Health, Liver Health, Lyme Disease, Osteoporosis

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Healing Lyme with Biofeedback 

Lyme Disease and Osteoporosis/Maximizing Bone Health. We also go back to the basics and cover kidney health and liver health (the remainder of the Core Basics).
Webinar 1 - Lyme Disease, Bonus section: Methylation and MTHFR Mutation.
Understand what Lyme Disease is, why it is often missed and how to recognize it, common alternative treatments being used. A category of frequencies for balancing Lyme issues will be provided.
Webinar 2 - Protecting Your Bones: Osteoporosis, Maximizing Bone Health.
How do you keep your bones strong? Calcium is a misunderstood mineral and a very small part of the entire story of healthy bones. Bone health is related to many other minerals along with healthy metabolic function, proper fat intake and correct pH in the body. We will explore all of these issues to develop a clear understanding of how to attain healthy bones for life. A category with frequencies for bone health will be provided.
We will also talk about the potential harm of common drugs recommended for osteoporosis treatment and the latest research that shows calcium supplements may cause the development of cardiovascular issues. 
Webinar 3 - Optimizing Kidney Health & Understanding Kidney Health in Cases
The kidneys play a major role in maintaining health and longevity. Understand why getting the kidneys balanced is one of the most important issues in any case. Basic kidney health and nutrition for wellness will be explained. Kidney health practices and foods will also be discussed. A category with freuquencies for optimal kidney health will be provided (this includes herbs, remedies, foods and health practices to recommend to your client).
Webinar 4 - Optimzing Liver Health: Nutrition, Detoxification, Gallbladder Health and much more
The powerful liver performs over 500 difference chemical functions in the body. We cover the ones that are most relevant to optimum health. These included detoxification, regulation of glycogen, regulation of cholesterol levels and more. Find out what foods and herbs are the most beneficial for the liver, both for acute problems and for long-term wellness. A category of frequencies for liver health will be provided. 

Join the fun! Become profoundly effective in frequency healing with this dynamic, cutting edge information! Join a community of people healing at this very advanced and revolutionary level!

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Kidney Health, Liver Health, Lyme Disease, Osteoporosis

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