Hormonal Balancing Program

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Hormal Testing and Consultation 


Get the information you need to balance your hormones! Get a full spectrum test of all current hormonal levels and a consultation with Dr. Ariel. Hormones tested via saliva (test included and sent to your home!):
- Estrogen
- Progesterone
- Testosterone
- Cortisol
- Pregnenelone
Make sense of this information through a personal consultation and creation of a plan with Dr. Ariel! Protect your health, get more energy and enjoy better sleep when you balance your hormones! 
What you get:
- Hormonal panel, salivary, shipped directly to your home!
- 1 hour consultation and complete plan development by Dr. Ariel to balance your hormones! 
- Free Hormonal Customized Panel for your Quantum Infinity! 
Here is a sample hormonal profile report! 
Make the decision today to protect your health and feel great again!