Healing Chronic Cases - Get Results!

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Healing Chronic Cases - Cancer and More
Practitioner Level 2 Certificate
The incidence of cancer has been growing exponentially for the last 3 decades. What does it mean to have cancer? Are cancers a normal part of life and also a touchstone guiding us to make important changes? Biofeedback holds a special place in the world. We can check energetic status and see things in the energy field before they manifest in the physical body. We can also send frequencies for positive and powerful change. Learn how to use this in practical terms during this special series in cancer. Prevent through increased awareness and regular energetic harmonizing. Help people who seek to know more about how biofeedback can help them when faced with difficult circumstances. 
- Time travel for powerful clearing of past traumas.
- The 7 causes of becoming ill and how you can clear them with biofeedback
- Clearing the Cysterna Chyli - powerful gut immune system - for healing.
- Key Immune system frequencies to clear any chronic illness
- How to interpret cancer readings on the Genius and balance 
- 5 Powerful Wellness Practices every practitioner must know! (handouts included with full explanation!)
- 7 specific strategies to work on cases with the Genius! - Get better results
- Methylation section - what it means, how to harmonizing!
- Microbiome section - how to test and improve! 
Receive Biofeedback Practitioner Level 2 Certificate upon completion of class! 
All recorded - listen as many times as you wish! 
Session 1 - What is cancer anyway? What is cancer? Should you be concerned with cancer? Is it a death sentence? What are the causes? Understand the ways to test people with cancer and people are concerned with cancer. Learn how to intelligently explain the results. Assist people with cancer and those who want to prevent it! Biofeedback Harmonizing Lesson 1 - “Show me how its done!” Live case analysis. Class is recorded and available for you to watch as often as possible.
Session 2 - “Race for the cause” - How to harmonize the gut and improve cancer
Disease begins in the gut. A case of cancer is almost always associated with a breakdown in the gut. How is this assessed? How is it healed? How do you harmonize this with biofeedback? 
Biofeedback Harmonizing Lesson 2 - “Show me how its done!” 
Cancer digestive testing libraries for your Genius
Session 3 “Race for the cause" - Liver and Kidney Health, Detoxification and Cancer.
Liver detox and kidney detox special practices guide
Cancer liver and kidney testing libraries for your Genius 
Session 4 “Race for the cause" -  Understanding Hormones and Environmental Causes
Cancers such as breast, prostate and uterine cancer may be associated with imbalances in hormones. In today’s world, we are faced with excessive estrogen exposure from everything from plastics that hold the water to pesticides in fruits and vegetables. We explore the influence of hormones and other common environmental contaminants. 
 Biofeedback Harmonizing Lesson 4 - “Show me how its done!” How to work with and interpret the hormonal and environmental panels. 
Session 5 "Harmonizing Strategies" - Why Plant Based Eating is the best prevention and lifestyle choice for cancer - What the research actually says. 
We explore research that has been published in peer reviewed journals about the increased incidence of cancer in the consumption of meat, dairy and saturated animal fats. We will discuss how to get started on a plant-based diet, including a handout guide with food choices and recipes. 
Handout for following a plant-based food plan 
Biofeedback Harmonizing Lesson 5  - How to use biofeedback to optimize food choices. Bringing together assessment testing libraries - digestive, kidneys and liver. 
Session 6  "Harmonizing Strategies: Cutting Edge Remedies" - Immune system basics, understanding the P53 tumor suppressor gene and its role in cancer and introduction to natural remedies. 
Biofeedback Harmonizing Lesson 6  - How to use biofeedback to test the immune system, use biofeedback to find out more about the P53 suppressor and special affirmations for moving frequency in a positive direction. 
Session 7  "Cutting Edge Remedies - GCMAf, Enzyme Therapy, PolyMVA, Protocel, 
GCMaf and Enzyme Therapy
Biofeedback Harmonizing Lesson 7 - Combining frequencies with cutting-edge remedies. 
Class 8 Harmonizing Strategies - Bringing it all together with 3 full cases 
Sessions are presented in a weekly live webinar. Sessions begin on Tuesday, February 13th at 5pm Pacific. They run for a total of 8 weeks at the same time each Tuesday. Cases are presented each week and participants can ask to be part of the case presentation for that week. All classes are recorded and available to review as many times as you wish. You can take the class even if you cannot participate in the live sessions. This class is considered Level 2 in our Biofeedback Practitioner certification program. You do not need to take the prerequisite unless you are considering creating a practice, in which case it is recommended.