Genius Insight JUNE Special Package with BONUSES!

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Genius Insight Biofeedback Software June Special ($800 in Bonuses!)

 Our Platinum package is by far the most popular Genius Insight program because it includes training, support and 200 Natural Health testing panels so you can test areas of health such as thyroid, adrenals, hormones, fibromyalgia, menopause and much more. Use our Paypal Installments option below and get your Genius for just 499.25 at checkout. 

Your JUNE 2018 Special includes these bonuses: Water Structuring Program, Rife Generation App, Relationship Harmonizer (all separate programs that go on your phone or tablet). You also receive the following additional programs that get integrated right into the Genius:

 Mitochondrial Rejuvenation Program (testing libraries)
What is included in the Platinum Package?
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27 Testing libraries are included in your Basic Package. You can 100% test in these areas as well as utilize the other features including the Entangled Insights, Synergistics, Neuro Remedy and much more.
200 Additional Testing libraries - Enhance your testing with an addition inside your Genius. These are proprietary testing panels designed by Dr. Ariel Policano. They included testing for the adrenals, the thyroid, dental program, pain reduction and much more. All the included panels are listed below and also at this link.
Complete Video Training Package
Mastery Guide - Written reference guide for you. VERY important in every day use! This can help you to understand the results on your Genius!
Includes these BONUS PROGRAMS:
Rife App The Rife App is a program that runs complex Hz frequencies, many of the ones that Rife did research on, or since Rife have become known for being able to achieve certain effects. The advantage of using the Rife App is that it has some many pre-programmed frequencies. You can just touch one button and get results. Refer to the full database PDF listing of everything in your Rife program in order to understand what is in the program. 
Relationship App
Water Harmonizer
3 hours of personal support time with a certified trainer.
What are the testing libraries that are included?
Body Testing Categories:
Today's Stress
Amino Acids
Body Systems
Spinal Energies
Infective Energetic Disturbance
Essential Oil
Mind Testing Categories:
Brain EEG
Bach Flower Essences
Brain Anatomy
Biofield Testing Categories:
Sacred Geometry
Spiritual Protection
Solfeggio Tones
Essential Testing Libraries - 200 Included in the Platinum Package! 

Autoimmune Assessment Antibodies

Autoimmune Treatment
Adrenal Assessment
Adrenal Solutions
Alzheimer's Assessment
Alzheimer's Solutions
Biofilm Solutions 1 - Enzymes
Biofilm Solutions 2 Clays
Biofilm Solutions 3 Antimicrobials
Blood Pressure 1 Minerals
Blood Pressure 2 Mineral Solutions
Blood Pressure 3 Kidneys
Blood Pressure 4 Kidney Solutions
Blood Pressure 5 Vessel Health
Blood Pressure 6 Vessel Solutions
Blood Pressure 7 Lifestyle
Blood Pressure 8 Lifestyle Solutions
Blood Pressure 9 Methylation
Brain Anatomy
Brain Assessment
Brain Solutions
Brain Treatment
Brain Waves
Cancer Solutions 1 Affirmations
Cancer Solutions 2 Cutting Edge Therapies
Cancer Prevention 1 Digestive Panel
Cancer Prevention 2 Liver Practices
Cancer Prevention 3 Immune System
Cancer Prevention 4 Immune Support
Cancer Prevention 5 Hormonal Balance
Cancer Prevention 6 Optimal Nutritioin
Cancer Prevention 7 Free of Cancer Frequencies
Candida Panel
Candida Solutions 1 Alkalize
Candida Solutions 2 Remedies
Cluster Headache Assessment
Cluster Headache Solutions
Cortisol Rhythm
Creativity and Miracles
Dental Assessment 1 Teeth
Dental Assessment 2 Interference Fields
Dental Assessment 3 Health Issues
Digestive 1 Digestive Organs
Digestive 2 Assessnebt
Digestive 3 Solutions
Digestive 4 Food Plan
Digestive 5 Practices
DNA Repair 1 Chromosomes
DNA Repair 2 Genetic Code
Ebola Assistance 1
Ebola Assistance 2
Ebola Assistance 3
EMF Assessment
EMF Treatment
Essential Fatty Acids
Facilitating Positivity
Fibromyalgia Assessment
Fibromyalgia Solutions
Food Allergy Assessment
Food Allergy Solutions
Food Medicine
Food Quality
GI Health Panel
Gluten Assessment
Gluten Healing Frequencies
Gluten Treatment
Hashimoto's Treatment
Hashimoto's Solutions
Headache Assessment
Headache Solutions
Heart Anatomy
Heart Health 1 Assessment
Heart Health 2 Frequencies Affirmations
Heart Health 3 Frequencies Metaphysical
Heart Health 4 Frequencies Physical
Heart Health 5 Solutions
Heavy Metal Exposure
Heavy Metal Exposure Solutions
Hormones Assessment
Hormones Solutions
Infection Assessment
Infection Solutions
Inflammation Assessment
Inflammation Balance
Inflammation Solutions Herbs
Inflammation Solutions Remedies
Inflammation Solutions Spices
Inflammation Solutions Spices
Insomnia Assessment
Insomnia Solutions
Interference Field Assessment
Interference Field Treatment
Liver Assessment
Liver Solutions
Lyme Assessment
Lyme Solutions
Men's Hormonal Remedies
Men's Hormones
Methylation Nutritional Support
Methylation Profile
Migraine Assessment
Migraine Solutions
Minerals 1
Minerals 2 Supplementation
Minerals 2 Food As Medicine
Mitochondrial Assessment
Mitochondrial Solutions
Mold Assessment
Mold Solutions
Multiple Sclerosis Assessment
Multiple Sclerosis Solutions
Myelin Sheath Repair
Neurotransmitter Assessment
Neurotransmitter Solutions
Osteoarthritis Assessment
Osteoarthritis Solutions
Pain Assessment 1 Causes
Pain Assessment 2 Location
Parasite Assessment
Parasite Solutions
Parkinson's Assessment
Parkinson's Solutions
PTSD Assessment
PTSD Solutions
Sciatic Assessment
Sciatic Solutions
Seasonal Allergy Assessment
Seasonal Allergy Solutions
Secretory IgA
Sexual Vitality
SIBO Assessment
SIBO Solutions
Sinus Assessment
Sinus Solutions
Standard Food Fish
Standard Food Fruits
Standard Food Grains
Standard Food Legumes
Standard Food Panel
Standard Food Vegetables
Stress Assessment
Stress Solutions
Telomeres Assessment and Activation
Telomeres Activation 2
Vision Assessment 1-3
Vision Solutions





You get access to 15 videos covering every feature in the Genius Insight Program! Make good use of your time and get the very best out of your software!

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