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Genius Biofeedback Practitioner Training - ONE TIME OFFER

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Genius Biofeedback Practitioner Training - ONE TIME OFFER
Biofeedback Practitioner Training 
Are you ready to turn your passion for biofeedback into a money-making successful business? This is the class that will show you how! 
For Installments on this special offer, please use the link: INSTALLMENT LINK (one extra payment is on the installment plan or 7 payments of $97)
The class includes 8 practical sessions for being super successful in biofeedback and understanding exactly how to talk about your profession. Set achievable expectations and experience happy clients that refer you lots and lots of business! You also get 3 personal coaching sessions with Dr. Policano so that when you leave the class, you feel ready to start your biofeedback practice with confidence and success. Installments are available for just $97 per month! Get the whole program and pay for it later
Are you interested in making anywhere from $2,000-$10,000 per month in a biofeedback practice? Biofeedback practitioners charge between $45-$200 per session. The best strategy is to sell a series of sessions so that both you and your client have made a commitment toward their healing! This is a great financial success strategy for your practice and for better outcomes. 
Class begins on Tuesday, September 21st at 5pm PACIFIC time (7pm CENTRAL, 8pm EASTERN) and runs for 7 subsequent Tuesdays after that. If you cannot make a session, it will be sent to you in a recorded form within 24 hours of the class. You can review the recording as many times as you want. Try the Easy Installments option to get started for just $97 per month! (one extra payment is made on the installment version). 
Want to chat or get your questions answered? Call Dr. Ariel Policano at 866-276-7788 or email at
Class 1 - Creating a Success Plan for your Biofeedback Practice 
-How to talk about what biofeedback does and what it does not.
-What to expect from a biofeedback session and what not to expect from one. 
-Understanding what the Genius is really doing when testing and when harmonizing. 
-How to be a practitioner.
-Ethics in dealing with clients; how to conduct yourself as a practitioner
- Most basic and effective protocols through important screens in the program. 
-Case presentation with a class participant
Class 2 - Getting Your Basic Skills Sharpened
-Learn how to start a session, how long to run frequencies for and how often to do sessions each week for your clients! 
-Deeper understanding of the program and how to use it. 
- How to create a balancing protocol
- How to assess any case and be successful
- Basic and important solutions for clients. 
Class 3 - Peeling the Onion - Deepening Strategies 
-How to identify root cause and go deeper
- What you need in your sessions to be successful
- Strategically using wave forms. 
Class 4 - Nuts and Bolts You Need for Successful Outcomes
-What it means to be a practitioner including the ethics of your practice.
- Tools you need to set up a practice
-What to charge
-Session strategies
-Explaining expectations for results
-Creating an introductory presentation
Class 5 - Business Skills
-How to set up a sole proprietorship/bank account
-How to set up books like the program Quickbooks
-How to collect money including options such as Square and Paypal
-How to get a Square, Paypal merchant account etc
-Creating intake forms and how to make them work best for you
Class 6 - Marketing Skills
-What a funnel is and how to keep it full! 
-Marketing and Selling Biofeedback
-Setting up a website
-Giving presentations 
-FB, Facebook live, YouTube,  and Instagram
Class 7 - What is your niche? 
-What is your area of passion? 
-Who do you most want to work with? 
-Niched practices in a particular area of interest are the most successful
-Why Stress Reduction may be a strategic niche and way to market
-Practice sessions and case examples
-How to use the Quanta Capsule 
Class 8 - Ultimate Success Skills for Effortless Abundance
-Business Planning skills
-Case presentations
-How to make money effortlessly with biofeedback