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Gemmotherapy Class and Frequencies

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Gemmotherapy Class and Frequencies

This class begins on Thursday, May 18th and the second class is on Thursday, May 25th. Your registration includes an download of all the frequencies in the Gemmotherapy frequency panel, which will be sent to you before the class begins. All the classes are recorded and sent to you to listen to as many times as you want to. Each lecture is 1 hour and includes a time for Q&A.  

Gemmotherapy uses the energy of the buds of plants to derive a powerful effect. They are part of a powerful practice called drainage. Before beginning drainage, it is important to open the emunctories. We will talk about all of this in our class Gemmotherapy and the Genius (includes a panel of 48 Gemmotherapy remedies from Abies Pectinata to Zea Mais). Discover more about Gemmotherapies in an exciting class that gives you the power to use these plants in your balancing sessions! 

You can read more in my blog post here

2 classes and full set of the Gemmotherapy Library is just $77. Live class on Tuesday, May 10th and May 17th at 5pm Pacific. This class will be recorded and sent to all registrants automatically!