Emotional Clearing - Meridians, Essential Oils and Emotions!

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Emotional Clearing with Meridians and Essential Oils! 


  • It turns out that emotional clearing is more powerful and more long lasting if we connect it with the related meridian! After all, meridians are very connected to specific emotions. Additionally, California nutritionist Carolyn Mein discovered that connecting with a particular essential oil based on a combination of the meridian and the emotion that was out of balance was even more powerful. A true home run! Now you can test for the emotions, meridian and essential oil with these specially crafted Customized Panels based on Carolyn’s work!!!  
  • Here is the listing of the panels:
    Emotional Clearing Meridians Bladder - Lists all emotions related to Bladder Meridian
    Emotional Clearing Meridians Bladder Oils - Lists all oils that help to clear emotions from Bladder Meridian
    Emotional Clearing Meridian Gallbladder - Lists all emotions related to Gallbladder Meridian 
    Emotional Clearing Meridian Gallbladder Oils - Lists all essential oils related to Gallbladder Meridian 
    Emotional Clearing Meridian Heart
    Emotional Clearing Meridian Heart Oils
    Emotional Clearing Meridian Kidney 
    Emotional Clearing Meridian Kidney Oils
    Emotional Clearing Meridians Spleen
    Emotional Clearing Meridians Spleen
    Emotional Clearing Meridians Stomach
    Emotional Clearing Meridians Stomach Oils
    Emotional Clearing Meridians Lungs 
    Emotional Clearing Meridians Lungs Oils
    Emotional Clearing Meridians Triple Warmer
    Emotional Clearing Meridians Triple Warmer Oils 
    Emotional Clearing Meridians Large Intestine
    Emotional Clearing Meridians Large Intestine Oils
    By scanning for the precise emotions for that meridian and the related oils for that meridian, the balancing is very transformational. You can take the information even further in the Progressive Insights and Functional Zones! Wow! The informational is extremely individualized and often spot on for what that person is experiencing. The breakthroughs are incredible! 

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