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Digestive, Hormonal and Adrenal Healing with the Quantum Infinity - Webinar Series

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Digestive, Hormonal and Adrenal Healing with the Quantum Infinity - Webinar Series

Learn the basics of holistic healing facilitated by the technology of the Quantum Infinity App. 

 Digestive, Hormonal, Adrenal and Thyroid Health

Resolve 90% of all physical symptoms by addressing these systems!

Begins: Tuesday, September 9th at 5pm Pacific (and 3 Tuesdays after that)

UK/Europe/Morning Section - Monday, September 8th at 6pm UK Local time (10am Pacific/1pm Eastern)


 Level 1 - The CORE BASICS of healing with the Quantum Infinity: Digestive, Hormonal and Adrenals.

Webinar 1 - The Gut - Understanding how the GI System is at the heart of each case. Learn about correcting GI imbalance through correcting stomach acid, healing underlying infections, using clays as an important part of overall detox and wellness maintenance, parasitic infections and healing, biofilm clearing and its importance.

Webinar 2 - Adrenals - Helping people to have all the energy they wish for. The proper functioning of the adrenals is one of the MOST important keys to vital health each day as well as longevity. We will explore the hormones that are released by the adrenals (like cortisol) and how they touch every other part of the body. We will talk about emotional issues, physical remedies, and simple lifestyel changes that you can teach to your clients to restore their adrenal health. 

On nearly every client, you need to address their adrenal issues to help them to experience true good health! 

Webinar 3 - Hormones & Sexual Vitality for men and women - Understand the signs of hormonal imbalance, the basic hormones that are out of balance in most women and men. We will talk about easy ways to balance hormones and also talk about keys to sexual vitality. We will discuss improving libido and sexual performance for both men and women through good hormonal health and herbal and naturopathic secrets to healthy hormones! Fun stuff! 

Webinar 4 - Thyroid Health & Healthy Weight Secrets - Understand in detail how the thyroid works and what can go wrong with it. We will discuss some basic remedies that everyone can incorporate including how to properly take basal body temperature, special hydrotherapy for the thyroid, energetic relationships with the thyroid and much more. Touching on Hashimoto's, importance of Vitamin D and more! Understand the basics of metabolic rate as well and how to use the QI to facilitate a healthy weight in your client. For this, we use the brilliance of the QI to restore balance on an emotional level, a brainwave level, and a physical level which is what people who are wanting to lose weight often need. 

We begin with the basics of Level 1. (Take 1 level or take all or any combination.) By the time you are finished with this certification series, you will feel confident in mastering your own highest holistic physical, emotional and spiritual health. There are now prerequisites or any need to do all levels, though. With each level, you sophistication of working with the QI will change as well. You can join each level, but you are not obligated to take any or all of them by participating in any of them! You will receive all 4 webinar recordings after checkout. Contact us: for your categories of frequencies, which are included and will be exported to your Quantum Infinity. 

 Join in for the fun!