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Cutting Edge Frequency Libraries - Subscription $77/mo

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Cutting Edge Frequency Libraries - Subscription $77/mo

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The Genius Custom Frequency Subscription service is here! You can now get the newest frequencies in my natural medicine library along with a clear explanation of all the frequencies EVERY MONTH. Your frequencies will be sent to your device each month. Expand the use of your Genius incredibly. Plus you will get access to my Expert Secrets LIVE webinar only for members each month. In this class, I will give you the latest secrets and discoveries in my energy medicine practice. I have information to share with you about near infrared frequencies, black mica water, skin cancer prevention, EMF protection, ozonation at home, keeping your teeth healthy for life and much more! Though just 10 customized frequencies is usually $147, you will receive 10 new custom frequencies every month plus other benefits for just the membership. Each custom library will come with a PDF explaining each item in your new library. The totally value of the monthly libraries is $497. Subscribe with our launch group and get the special introductory subscriber monthly of just $77! This is an incredible introductory offer and you can cancel ANYTIME. (You can choose ANY 20 frequencies, either the new frequencies available or any of the 250 frequencies I have created up to now).

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Sign up now and get these frequency libraries IMMEDIATELY (with explanations of every frequency in the group and how to use!)

 Tree Orchid Essences - Some of the most powerful emotional release flower essences in the world from orchids! Orchid remedies include Andean fire, Blue Angel, Celestial Triangle and more! (55 Orchid Essences!) These orchids are beautiful and powerful for transforming the human spirit. 

Food Testing Panel - Test for GMO, Glyphosate, sodium benzoate, potassium sorbate, parabens, common pesticides in fruits and vegetables, mold, aflotoxin, heavy metals and more. Check and clear your food with this powerful frequency panel (25 frequencies for testing your food). 

SanPharma Remedies - These remedies are pleomorphic and can provide dynamic immune support and shelter against some of the escalating infections we face today. (20 of the most powerful metabolic shifters in the world from Notatum to Mucor racemosus.)