Core Basics Customized Frequency Package

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These customized frequencies were created by a naturopathic doctor, Ariel Policano, to assist you with your testing with the Quantum ILife Infinity App. These frequencies, called the Core Basics frequencies, represent the place for you to begin your testing. 

They include:

Adrenal Assessment

Adrenal Solutions

Adrenal Stress Index


Digestion 1 Digestive Organs

Digestion 2 Digestive Assessment

Digestion 3 Digestive Solution

Digestion 4 Food Plans

Digestion 5 Digestive Practices


Thyroid Assessment

Thyroid Solutions

Thyroid Markers


Hormones Assessment

Hormones Solutions

Hormones Conditions


These panels are the first place to go to find out about some of the most important aspects of energetic health. Enjoy testing and learning with these powerful frequencies!

Following your purchase, you will receive special instructions to receive the frequencies right on your device.