Copy of Private Consultation with Dr. Ariel Policano

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Let's talk! I want to help you with your current health issues and assist you in getting back on track. 30-minute consultation special to find your Gemmotherapy remedies. 

I am a clinically trained holistic doctor with 15 years of experience. I have extensively researched the raw food diet and vegan diets. I have seen the ups and downs, and know the places to help you to stay balanced and successful! I also have worked with women with thyroid issues (including Hashimoto's), hormonal problems (including menopause and PCOS), eating disorders and depression. Let's connect soon and talk about practical solutions for your health goals! 

Purchase of your consultation will be followed within 24 hours with a request for your preferred date and time. Dr. Ariel can accommodate weekend appointments, and early or evening time slots as well. Would you like to talk by Skype? Just let us know!