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Ariel Policano, ND

drarielpolicanoprofpicture.jpgDr. Ariel Policano is a naturopathic doctor and the founder of Quantum Infinity Acadamy

Ariel's personal journey of healing started years ago when her sister suffered from an eating disorder and her father struggled with a terminal illness. These challenges set her on a search for a better understanding of what causes people to be sick and what causes them to heal. Her journey led her to healers like Ann Wigmore, Bernard Jensen and Norman Walker. She felt that clearing the body of toxins, healing the digestion and replenishing precious nutrition with raw foods and juices were an important foundation for true healing. This evolved over the years to a balanced, whole food foundation with many permutations according to the needs of the individual. 

In 2002, Dr. Policano graduated from the National College of Naturopathic Medicine, the oldest college training naturopathic doctors in the country. This is a full medical curriculum that teaches the core elements of natural healing, from philosophy to therapeutics. While naturopathic doctors possess the diagnostic capabilities of their MD counterparts, but also have spent many hundreds of hours learning about nutrition, herbal medicine, diet and exercise, and preventive medicine. 

Ariel synthesizes her knowledge of naturopathic medicine, raw foods, detoxification, nature cure, ancestral eating philosphies, energy and vibrational medicine into a unique expression of core healing. One thing you can be certain of is that you will be treated as whole person, with your own very special story to tell and transform in your work with her.

Ariel has written several EBooks, including the "Avocado Smoothie Book with 21-Day Power Plan" and "Keys to a Fun, Effective Juice Fast". She hosts 3 radio shows, including "Food Awakenings", a show about live food, superfoods, "Women Go Raw Radio", an interview show for women who have transformed their lives with raw and living foods, and her own show about cutting edge health issues called, "Awaken To Health" and a show about consciously creating your life called, "Quantum Coherence Radio." These shows can be found on the Health and Harmony Radio Network of Blog Talk Radio. She conducted the Women Go Raw tour, in which she did video interviews with 26 women who had transformed some aspect of their lives through raw and living foods. Ariel has written for numerous publications and websites including Sunfood Nutrition and Herbivore Magazine. 

Dr. Policano recently published a book about electromagnetic frequencies, EMF's, which is available on Amazon: Ariel's EMF Book

Ariel currently holds a naturopathic license in Oregon, Arizona and California. She does phone and Skype consultations worldwide. 

Dr. Policano is the founder of Quantum Infinity Academy. The Academy offers trainings that combine the best in natural medicine with the best in quantum field medicine. Using one of the most powerful, dynamic and affordable quantum apps available today, she can assist you in becoming incredibly empowered in your own health. The Quantum Infinity App is a personal tool of discovery about your own tool. Because of the Custom Category feature, the app can also become a powerful tool of personal development. Do you want better health, more prosperity and improved relationships? Use the power of your own intention, which becomes focused like a laser in the Quantum Infinity App.

Ariel offers complementary webinars, personal introductions to the technology and the a certification program in energetic medicine (using the Quantum Infinity) which will make you proficient in 12 Levels of topics in Natural Medicine and Energetic Medicine.